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NaNoWriMo 29/10

So I started early, so sue me. I'll be gone four days in November anyway so I'll use that as an excuse. Will have enough problems hitting 50,000 words as it is...

Here's the beginning... it's an early story (the first probably) set in my "1000 Years" universe (aka Humanities or one of the dozen other titles I'm playing with).

That night he dreamt he was riding the swing in the lawn out the back of the summer home; the old swing he hadn't played on since kindergarten; narrow seats splintered, faded plastic, chains bronze with age and spotted with rust, sighing whiny squeaks as he hurled himself forward, then back, forward, then back, muscles straining and wind fluttering his shirt sleeves as he pulled mightily ever forward, then back and lifted higher, higher into the muddy clouds beckoning, pressing down like heavy water, like torrential inspiration, like Zeus.

He could nearly touch them, so close was he gaining on them. If he only could strain just that little bit further, push a fraction higher. He felt he could see the tendrils of water and air swirling and embracing each other, see past the mere oxygen and hydrogen particles into the living, dancing, golden spark of grace at the heart of each misty drop. All he had to do was let go of the chains and reach out. His arms felt vast and elongated, his fingers ever more insubstantial, ready to diffuse into the cloud stuff if only he had the courage to let himself go, to trust himself to the wind, the messenger wind that called him into the sky. What was it, he thought, that kept him bound to earth? What mundane reason was there to continue his life on the ground? What did he owe to the stone and the dirt and the steel the dull gleam of home? When all he had to do was propel himself higher, faster, more precariously into the air. When all he had to do was reach out and commend himself to the sky. When all he had to do was to let go, just the once. Just the one time.

And so finally he did, and he fell. Tumbled and fell, but fell upwards into the steely cold, feathery embrace of the haze.


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