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Story fragment - IIIness

I signed up for a local writing course and also the the National Novel Writing Month to see if these can prompt me to get off my butt, writing-wise.

This is something from the NaNoWriMo five minute exercise (19th October). The exercise was to spent five minutes writing on a topic, this one Illness (but which I chose to interpret as IIIness - sans serif fonts, natch!)

Funny how the puns kept on rolling...

IIIness. The quality of being I. Me. Myself. And my I. Oh me o my I. The unholy trinity, aye? I eye my "aye" with great suspicion. Or do I? Nay. I do not. Neigh. But enough horsing around. I'll become a bore. A neighbour. My own neighbour, a shadow me. Just me and my shadow me. But me alone nonetheless. Oh solo me, oh. Elvis is the King. The King Conqueror of the pop world. And pop goes the we-sell. We'll certainly never sell this drivel. And so my fingers pause on the keyboard, my well has run dry. Oh well. Unwell. Ill. No puns for you! Pun-Nazi. Argh. Godwin's Law is invoked at the 5 minute mark!

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