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Princess Mononoke

Six years after this highly acclaimed movie came out I finally get to see it.

I can see why it got the raves it did. Best thing about it was the complex eco system of the tribes of man and beast and spirit things. It wasn't a straight-forward "good guys" vs "bad guys" setup but something more rich and multi-faceted and subtle. Thinking about it, it's probably one of the most adult-oriented (in the good sense) animated movies I've seen. Visually it wasn't as innovative or wild as Spirited Away but - as with that movie - I liked the European influenced anime style a lot.

All that said, in the end I found it interesting but not compelling. I even stopped half-way through for a day or so. Maybe it was because I was tired, but even so - if a movie is truly engaging I don't get tired watching it.

Not sure why that is... maybe one day I'll re-watch it and try to figure out why it didn't hook me.


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