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Story fragment - Whacko

So there's a writing challenge at this board on the theme of this picture: Pot calling the kettle black.

What I came up with (okay, okay, it took all of ten minutes to write) is obvious, intellectually lacking in rigour and plain not very good. But at least it's heartfelt...


"And I'll tell you right now Johnny, Waco was a fucking disgrace. There were kids in there for Christ's sake. Kids and women."

"But Sarge, weren't they the families of the crackpots -"

"Don't call them crackpots soldier. Don't you dare call them crackpots. I mean, sure, they were crackpots, but they were goddamn citizens who had a right to be crackpots."

"Yes Sir. Weren't they, the others I mean, weren't they the families of the - citizens - in the compound?"

"What the hell are you saying?"

"Well, they chose to be there, didn't they? They could have left."

"Could have left! That place was their home - the place where they lived, where they grew up. It was their property. And no man, no government man, has the right to break down another man's door, to invade his private sanctum sanctorum."

"What I mean is, maybe they were even on their side. The women and kids."

"What the hell does a ten year old kid know about politics Johnny boy. The kid's father says to him, 'Son, your daddy's gonna have to fight for what he believes in' of course that kid's gonna stay. That kid's father is a goddamn hero in the kid's eyes. And I'll tell you right now. Any man in a uniform and a gun comes after my family I'll be first in line to blow their heads out of the air like so many skeets. That's why the Founding Fathers have chosen to bless us with the Second Amendment, soldier."

"Those religious nuts in the compound though ... they were violent, right? Dangerous."

"Yeah, they were. But they were holed up with innocents John. We're Americans. We're supposed to save lives, not take them. The goddamn FBI, the Alcohol and Tobacco personnel - they forget that. They forgot what they were there for. They should have taken things more slowly."

"I ... I guess you're -"

"Wait up. I got our orders coming through. Fucking-A! The air cover boys have done their job ahead of schedule for once. The road to Fallujah's been cleared. Lock and load Johnny - let's go kill us some towlies."

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