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Van Helsing

Stephen Sommers' The Mummy was one of the most likeable adventure movies in recent years. Charming, witty, exciting and tongue firmly planted in cheek; a worthy successor to Indiana Jones. On the other hand The Mummy Returns was everything its predecessor was not.

Van Helsing falls somewhere between these two extremes. While not as relentlessly stupid as The Mummy Returns it is nowhere near as engaging as The Mummy. Jackman, Roxburgh, Wenham (weird to have three Australians in a Hollywood movie) and Beckinsale ham it up to varying degrees but are all basically doing it for the money or the mainstream exposure. None display a fraction of the talent they possess, not that the script lets them.

It's a shame - the concept was entertaining enough - Van Helsing as an eternal steam punk era James Bond taking on and taking out the supernatural creatures of the era... sort of like League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (the comic of course) but not as intelligent. Executed with more flair it could have been the beginning of a fun franchise.


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