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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Good, but not great. Not the brilliant "best movie of the year" it's been characterised at. I'd rank it behind Being John Malkovitch and Adaptation... though I'd have to watch all three movies again to confirm this order.

Guess I'm too used to SF conventions. The whole "erasure" sequence went on for too long. Sure it was done with creative flair, but the problem is that the film started off with a scene near the end telling us that Clementine and Joel would get back together. So "their" struggle to stay together after he changes his mind seems kind of superfluous. Sure, it's gotta be dramatised, but not for three quarters of an hour.

Now the twist is that the scene near the beginning isn't the cliched happy ending, but something more realistic and depressing. Which I liked... I loved how it ended on the "Okay"s, the acknowledgement that - sure - they'll get sick of each other, but that's no reason to forego (or erase) the experience. But that's not the point. While we're watching we feel like we know what'll happen, so that affects our enjoyment of the ride to get there. Or maybe I shouldn't use the "we" pronoun considering the acclaim the film's gotten.

Incidentally, this is probably Jim Carrey's best dramatic performance. I didn't feel it was forced like his turns in The Truman Show or The Majestic. That said, I don't think he'll ever be a great dramatic actor. He doesn't have the range within this performance style and just comes off beating the same note. (Of course, I'm not a huge fan of his comedies either, but at least he has an intensity in those outings that he seems determined to bottle in when he's trying to prove his acting chops.) Good performances by all the other cast members, especially Tom Wilkinson.

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