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The Lion King

Have to say the gloss has worn off somewhat.

TLK was never a great musical, but it was one of the most brilliantly theatrical conceptions ever to grace the stage. Julie Taymor is a visual genius (confirmed by her films Frida and Titus). Parts of it are sublime and parts of it are inane. And parts of it are just boring.

Third time out (plus the time in London) and the inane and boring parts grated more, the brilliant bits lost a bit of their sheen (naturally enough I guess) and the cast turned in a ... not exactly lacklustre performance, but certainly one a notch or two down from their early standards.

It highlights the difference between great material and great direction.

Nonetheless, "Circle of Life" is still one of the two best opening numbers in musical theatre (along with "All that Jazz").

Frightening thought: What with gifts for others I've handed over over $1200 to The Mouse just on tickets for this show.

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