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Pavlov's bells - inauguration edition

I didn't see the Bush 43b inauguration ceremony, but out of morbid curiosity downloaded the transcript of his address. Following up from my earlier post on the Pavlovian use of the words "free" and "freedom" in Bush's speeches:

  1. America defended our own freedom
  2. that is the force of human freedom
  3. the expansion of freedom
  4. Freedom, by its nature
  5. attain their own freedom
  6. in freedom's cause
  7. freedom, which is eternally right
  8. secured by free dissent
  9. no justice without freedom
  10. advance of freedom
  11. the call of freedom
  12. your free country
  13. Those who deny freedom
  14. Division among free nations
  15. is a primary goal of freedom's enemies
  16. The concerted effort of free nations (yes, that's three times in fourteen words)
  17. achieved their freedom
  18. fire of freedom
  19. raise up free governments
  20. unfinished work of American freedom
  21. America's ideal of freedom
  22. life in a free society
  23. fellow Americans greater freedom
  24. America's ideal of freedom
  25. America's ideal of freedom
  26. message of freedom
  27. cause of freedom
  28. cause of freedom
  29. when freedom came under attack
  30. captives are set free
  31. triumph of freedom
  32. freedom is the permanent hope
  33. the banner "Freedom Now"
  34. history of freedom

That's thirty four fricking times in a seventeen minute speech!!!

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Nick Walczak:

I really hope you aren't surprised.

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