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Opus Cactus - Momix Dance Theatre

Not much into dance but when I do see it prefer the modern to the classical. Opus Cactus by the Momix Dance Theatre was such a piece, and worth seeing.

The first act segments were inspired by the desert; the dancers contorted themselves into animals, plants, insects and - in the most inspired (and mystifying - how the heck did those balls shrink and grow like that?) sequence - tumbleweeds, where the dancers were not even seen.

A lot of the numbers used silhouette effects, which worked well, but a fair few used choreographic effects where you really needed to be in a centre seat to get the full effect.

Act 2 wasn't as good, luckily it was much shorter. There was no consistent theme to the dances that I could detect. The choreography wasn't as inspired and the endings seemed more often than not to just peter out - a series of strung together exercises rather than a cohesive whole. The result was pretty flat.

Exception: the last number, "First Contact", which was quite markedly and dramatically about the futility of running away from death.

It was during the "Sidewinder" segment that it hit me - this is choreography perfectly suited to the Blade Runner musical fermenting in my head! Okay, the women dancing with snake ("Watch her take the pleasures from the serpent that once corrupted man!" eh?) made the connection kind of obvious, but the theatricality, inventiveness and sensuality fit the mood of the show as I envision it perfectly. Get that Moses Pendleton fella down to the Taffey Lewis' Snake Pit pronto!

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