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This is a strange movie. It starts out as a stylish, low-key industrial espionage thriller set against a backdrop of Japanese pornographic anime (which I see after some quick googling is called hentai). Then about half-way through, as happens in spy stories, there are reversals and revelations. It's at this point that things get inexplicable (like most anime that I've seen in fact) and more than a bit sordid. The violence becomes more explicit and the hentai gives way to S&M and maybe even snuff. I lost interest around this point because it's difficult to be engaged when you don't know what's happening to the characters or who they really are. (Some movies can get away with it, but not this one.) Revelations are supposed to peel back the layers around the real person, not add them.

There are good bilingual performances by Connie Nielsen, Chloey Sevigny, Dominique Reymond and others, even when things turn weird.

I didn't have a chance to check out most of the special features before the DVD was due back but did catch Chloey Sevigny's cast interview which was refreshingly honest about her experience making the movie.

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