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Garden State

Garden State is the sort of quirky, edgy dramedy that I'd expect Alexander Payne or maybe Paul Thomas Anderson to direct. Instead Zach Braff (from the TV show Scrubs, though this had to be pointed out to me) takes on triple threat duty as director, writer and star.

At heart Garden State is a simple story about a young man estranged from family and life coming out of his cocoon by falling in love with a vital, vulnerable girl. It's a cliche of sorts but given a non-cliched treatment which avoids the obvious plot development inherent in Portman's character. Good performances all-round (Ian Holm's father owes something to his part in The Sweet Hereafter) but it's Natalie Portman who totally dominates the movie. One of her best performances, probably better than she was in Closer, though not quite at the level of Leon or Beautiful Girls.

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