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Powers: Legends

Powers: Legends - Now published by Marvel's creator-owned imprint Icon who've wisely continued the look and feel of the old Image trade paperbacks (except that the covers are gloss instead of matt).

After the world-changing events of The Sellouts we pick up the story several months later as ex-superhero Detective Christan Walker and his partner Deena Pilgrim struggle with the new role that the police have been assigned to. The last collection Forever provided much of Walker's past. Legends sets up Pilgrim's future in a development which struck me as strangely inevitable even though I don't think it was foreshadowed.

Brian Michael Bendis isn't afraid to let a story breathe. He spins out over six issues what - in the old days (ie the 80s when I used to do most of my comic reading) - would be wrapped up in two or three. (Conversely, he introduces more changes in a year's worth of issues that in the old days wouldn't be dared at all.) Interrogations or conversations can play out over many pages (allowing Bendis to show off his trademark sharp dialogue), as can largely silent searches (allowing Michael Oeming and colourist Peter Pantazis to set mood and tension). Still, I'm glad that I'm reading the stories in their collected form - I suspect the individual issues run the risk of feeling insubstantial because of the story's pacing.

Powers is my favourite current comic and while this arc doesn't have the oomph of some of the other volumes it's still worth reading.

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