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Battlestar Galactica: The Resistance

The Resistance is a web-based series of ten two-minute (or so) instalments bridging the gap between the second and third seasons of Battlestar Galactica. The show is obviously shot on a budget - for instance there are no visual effects, even in episodes which needed them (like the massacre at the temple by Cylon centurions which should have been seen on screen to add to the impact) - and it was designed primarily as a marketing tool to maintain and stimulate interest during hiatus. That however doesn't stop it working in its own right, especially if viewing it in one 25 minute session, as I did.

The ten "webisodes" tell a self-contained story: two men reach a decision about their involvement in the New Caprica resistance; one breaks left, the other right. The show's trademark moral ambiguity comes into play as well. The traitor is driven by a desire to save lives, the recruit by revenge.

The "double length" episode (four minutes!) where Jammer is interrogated by the Cylon Aaron Doral is wonderful. Matthew Bennett as Number Five plays his part to perfection. And I can see why there's been talk about this year's arc being an allegory for Iraq: all the elements are there. However I expect the show to continue to present a variety of ethical and practical arguments as it tells its story.

Couple of other points:

Saul Tigh, who was fleshed out and somewhat softened during the last two years, returns to his hardass characterisation of the mini-series, and then some. His is the most hard-nosed, even callous, view among those against the occupation. Isn't it time Michael Hogan is added to the opening credits?

We get to see more of the religious life of the Colonials, with the names of the gods straight out of Greek mythology. I've always liked it when SF shows added a spiritual aspect to characters' lives, even when it wasn't always executed as interestingly as it might have been (like in DS9).


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