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Daredevil: Redemption

Daredevil: Redemption reads very much like one of David Kelley's death row episodes on The Practice. It's no surprise to find that writer David Hines originally pitched this as a novel divorced from the superhero world; Hornhead's appearances are minimal and seem shoehorned in. That's a minor issue though as it's a nice change of pace to focus on Matthew Murdock the lawyer, as opposed to Daredevil the vigilante. The six issues unfold in a straightforward manner; this is the legal equivalent of a police procedural, with Hines leading us through all stages of the court case, again relatively unusual and thus interesting. The "whodunnit" isn't much of a mystery at all, the dramatic thrust is derived from the reader's moral outrage as the guilty party escapes justice in a town filled with religious intolerance, small-mindedness and bigotry, a tale unfortunately based on true events.

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