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Philip Glass - Glassworks

I lack the vocabulary to review music. Maybe it's because music - unlike books, comics, films, television and theatre (even musical theatre) - is not a character/narrative-driven form. Or because without the proper education to talk about melody, harmony, key signatures, orchestration, arrangement and all those other, much more sophisticated, concepts all I can say "I like this" or "I don't" with only the most rudimentary of justifications.

So... as far as Philip Glass's Glassworks is concerned: I like most of Glass's stuff. Music in Twelve Parts is kind of boring and Einstein on the Beach I suspect would be more interesting (or make that more mesmerising) live on stage, but his score to The Hours is aching and haunting and Songs from Liquid Days very listenable. Glassworks, like some of his other works that I've heard, lies somewhere inbetween. Not quite as repetitive as Twelve Parts, not quite as esoteric as Einstein but not quite as beautiful as The Hours or as accessible as Liquid Days. Typical Glass, I guess.

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