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Movable Type as of version 3.3 offers a "Widget Manager" plug-in to make management of sidebar items easier (based on a module now integrated into the MT core). Also, a Style Catcher plug-in to ease theming was introduced in 3.2. In order to take advantage of these I blew away all the custom changes to the templates and styles I've made since this blog's early days.

There are some problems. The CSS file generated by Style Catcher isnt working correctly - calling the themes' definitions using the @import url directive isn't working for some reason, so I've manually copied and pasted the relevant CSS files into the default style file as a temporary fix. Will figure out what's going on later.

Finally, Have started to add tags to entries, another MT 3.2+ feature, which the new styles utilise.

edit: (later)

After wrestling for hours trying to get the CloudNine weighted tags plugin to actually weigh tags (not to mention generate the required CSS files ... though that might have to do with the CSS problem above, which I've yet to fix) finally gave up and rolled my own, simplified cloud using the <MTTagRank> attribute and some quick and dirty CSS class definitions.

Have also started hacking the templates to get closer to the look and feel that I want, including moving content from the hard-coded index definitions to the side widgets for (hopefully) greater flexibility and portability.

edit: (later again)

Fixed the Style Catcher - the problem was that by default it was configured to look for (and place) themes inside the cgi-bin directory, which doesn't work for some reason. Once I moved themes to the mt-static directory external to cgi-bin and modified the Style Catcher settings to point to this new location, everything started working just dandy. Cloud Nine still doesn't want to play though...

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