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Upgraded to MT 3.33

Went reasonably smoothly considering it jumped from version 3.1x to 3.3x, skipping 3.2 entirely. Had to fiddle with CGI script permissions (still not entirely resolved for plugin scripts not used on the site) and forgot to move the "mt-static" directory outside cgi-bin (which I then renamed to make it consistent with my configuration from the earlier version). Considering it's been a year and a half since I touched this site - not too rocky.

edit: Actually did run into some other problems, namely the config file had changed names (from mt.cfg to mt-config.cgi) in version 3.2 and because I was still using the old file name, it didn't pick up the correct path to the static directory, which caused some problems with some buttons not working and the display elements in some admin functions not being aligned properly. Now fixed by copying mt.cfg to mt-config.cgi. Also reverted the static directory name back to mt-static, so that it's easier to tell next upgrade that this is the default directory for this function.

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