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Battlestar Galactica 3.06 - "Torn"

Just going with random notes rather than trying to construct something cohesive.

Loved Baltar's "hours days weeks months, months" line. Had me chortling for the rest of that scene.

Also loved the soundtrack on the baseship (as I do much of BSG's music) - it worked better at establishing the alien, alienating mood than the sometimes too-arty direction.

Was that a new CGI model of the baseship? This one looked cleaner, more mechanical than I remember them.

We learn more about the specifics of Cylon physiology in this episode than we've done in two and a bit years: "projecting", Hybrids, clues as to the last five models. And finally the question of "Is Baltar a Cylon?" is raised explicitly. I know there's been plenty of evidence to the contrary since, but that's been my theory ever since the mini-series.

A Cylon virus ... echoes of the Founder virus from Deep Space 9?

I didn't think Baltar's psychological state was pushed far enough for his actions on the base ship (strangling the brunette ... Six?) to seem believable. It felt more like a contrived dramatic moment.

Both Tigh and Thrace were deeply traumatised by the events on New Caprica, but in Starbuck's case it was the promise of life and love that unsettled her. In Tigh's case, it was the betrayal and death of his love, so their respective responses to Adama's talking-to made good story-sense. So did Starbuck's rejection of Kasey earlier in the episode; she's always had difficulty opening up emotionally - prone to respond by lashing out rather than closing up - so her action was very much in character.

Athena. Cute.

Fat Lee got back to Ripped Lee faster than I expected. But I guess quite a few weeks may have passed since last episode. Or viewer tolerance for a flabby sex symbol would only stretch so far.

The ending was very abrupt. Almost as if "Torn", like "Exodus", was an episode cut in two.

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