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Battlestar Galactica 3.08 - "Hero"

The "previously on..." flashback, unusually, went all the way back to the mini-series, which led me to believe for a little while that "Hero" would be something of an Event Episode, which it wasn't. Still a decent 42 minutes viewing, though with a major plot hole.

I liked the way that the layers of secrets and manipulation were peeled back to uncover the (likely) truth behind Bulldog's escape and reappearance. However, the final explanation - that it was all a plot by the Cylons to kill Adama - rang totally false. If this was the Cylon plan it was much too elaborate. Why let a man escape and then gamble on him finding Adama in the first place (when they themselves have had problems tracking the fleet down, or do they now know where it is?) and then gamble again on him getting pissed off at Adama so badly that he would kill him? Why not just have ten base stars waiting nearby and then blast the hell out of everyone once they found the Galactica? Or are they deliberately leaving the fleet alone now? But if so, why the whole trick with Bulldog? Are they targeting Adama specifically? The whole thing just didn't hang together. But then, I've never gotten a handle on the Cylons' motivation, their plan and their philosophical/religious musings.

Other than that:

  • Carl Lumbly has presence, even when not saying a word. He gives a good performance. (I recognise from something ... maybe his LA Law stint, because I don't recall seeing him in any other show/film listed on his imdb entry.)
  • Adama as the cause of the war struck me as one of unlikely coincidences that get added to the mythology of a show as time goes by.
  • Is Roslin looking hotter this season? Has she changed her hair?
  • I really like the way the Roslin/Adama relationship has evolved. It's certainly has grown a lot more complex and textured than the (fairly) simplistic hard-nosed military man vs inexperienced politician dynamic it started out as. From the easy truth of "Are you going to tell me what really happened?" (they know each other so well now) to the scene where she forces his penance on him, all good stuff.
  • Is this only the second time Roslin's sworn? (Someone in fanland undoubtedly keeps count.) If so, again it makes sense that she would feel comfortable enough around Adama to relax her language.
  • Nice that the "hero" of the title is actually Adama.
  • Also nice that the episode was able to progress the Adama/Tigh relationship, though I didn't expect them to reconcile so quickly. I worry again that they will return to something resembling a status quo too quickly.
  • Hmmm... Tigh didn't tell Adama what happened to Ellen but he was able to tell the star chamber in "Collaborators"? Not sure if that's in or out of character. Will have to mull it some more.
  • Number Three seems to be getting her own arc. We saw the beginnings of this in the New Caprica arc, but her dream sequence and actions in "Hero" establish her firmly as one a character in her own right, not just a foil to Baltar or some other Human.
  • On Baltar: I've never particularly liked him, but now I hate Baltar. Why do the bastards get all the hot women? Emphasis on "women", plural. Bastard.

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