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Lost 3.06 - "I Do"

It was immediately obvious from the episode title and the opening shot that "I Do" (working title: "Take My Love, Take My Hand") was going to be about conwoman-on-the-run YoSaffBridge's emotional attachments and betrayals, and that it would draw a line under the YoSaffBridge/Sawyer/Jack triangle.

I could detect only the faintest trace of Mal Reynolds in Nathan Fillion's performance this week. Which is weird, as this is the episode where Mal finally gets hitched (for real!) to YoSaffBridge, or rather YoMonSaffBridge, to append her latest moniker (heh, "moniker").

You'd think that Mal would have learned better than to be drugged again (!) by a hot woman with multiple identities.

Back on the island, the writers must be seeking chiropractic assistance, so far are they contorting themselves to get YoMonSaffBridge and Sawyer to get it on. Let's see:

  • We're told Sawyer's going to be killed.
  • YoMonSaffBridge can climb out of her cage at any time. (Sure, she's being watched, but she doesn't know that.)
  • She does so and she has no problems breaking the lock on Sawyer's cage.
  • So the obvious, life-preserving thing to do would be to, you know, start running.
  • But Sawyer must have had a lobotomy while he was undergoing his operation, cause he's sure been acting stupid ever since "Every Man For Himself. (Guess all men under YoMonSaffBridge's spell do ...) "Oooh, we're on another island, we've got nowhere to go," he whines, playing the hurt/comfort card ... and whaddayaknow: it works.

Being on the run on a small island, sure as hell beats being dead on a small island. But the characters had to be stupid so that we could get to the cliff-hanger ending. (But couldn't they at least have made out while on the run, then be recaptured?)

As expected, "I Do" led to the physical consummation of the Sawyer/YoMonSaffBridge relationship, all under the watchful eye of the Others' security cameras. (Where was Henry/Ben after the sex started? In his bunk, obviously.)

Even though parts of the plotting were ludicrous, on a character-level the interplay between the flashback and the island stories worked: In the past, with Mal, YoMonSaffBridge had the freedom to move, so she left him. In the present, with Sawyer, she had nowhere to run to, so she was forced to confront her real feelings.

The episode didn't make a point of it, but in this respect YoMonSaffBridge is a lot like Sawyer, so I guess that pairing seems more inevitable than if she ended up with Jack. Not that I'm particularly interested in any of these three characters' romantic lives.

I would have respected this episode more if they had killed off Sawyer. True, his own personal story hadn't been resolved yet, but certainly his love life had reached a plateau of happiness. And it would have been stunning to have seen two main character buy it in subsequent episodes, more so even than Ana Lucia/Libby in season two, given that Sawyer is one of the original cast and, I assume, a fan favourite.

This is not to say I didn't enjoy "I Do". Fillion and Lilly gave good performances, had good chemistry (better than Lilly/Fox or Lilly/Holloway) and I felt for them. It's just the island stuff that didn't do it for me.

B and C plot comments:

  • On TV things are always urgent. The tumour had to be operated on now or it would be too late for Henry/Ben in another week. Urgency ramps up the drama of course, but it can also get somewhat cliched.
  • I thought at first that the Jack B-plot would be him wrestling with his Hippocratic Oath, but in retrospect that would have been cliched. It was right to toughen up his character and have him play hardball. His demand that he needed to "get the hell off this island" was made to sound particularly selfish. I doubt that his character will turn, like Michael did for instance. So far he's been cast too much in the traditional hero mould.
  • Umm ... the Others can operate on Sawyer convincingly enough to fool him into thinking he's got a pacemaker, but they can't stitch up a simple, minor cut that Jack inflicted on the unconscious Henry/Ben?
  • I didn't think the Bible quote attributed to John 3.05 sounded right, so I did a quick google. Remarkably, all but one of the first page of hit results on "john 3.05" are from this episode. And it's only been just over a week since the episode aired. Remarkably rabid the Lost fanbase, and remarkably efficient the google spiders. Some interesting speculation out there, check out the comment by Fred S at Lost Easter Eggs blog.

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