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Supergirl: Power

I was never a regular reader of Supergirl in any of her incarnations, though I do remember Vince Colletta's inks on one run (in reprints) from a couple of decades ago, and her death in Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 made an impact. Despite my unfamiliarity, I've had a fondness for Kara Zor-El, owing in large measure to Helen Slater. *sigh*

Anyway, Supergirl: Power (written by Jeph Loeb, art by Ian Churchill) is a reprint of the first few issues of the fourth (?) time Supergirl has had her own title, this time spinning off from the successful Superman/Batman, also penned by Loeb.

Loeb in this arc (his first and final before departing the series) mixes in many a superhero staple: guest stars galore (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Outsiders, the Justice Society, the Teen Titans, the Justice League), the inevitable fight between the main character and the guest stars (Supergirl vs Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Outsiders, the Justice Society, Teen Titans, the Justice League), clashes with the bad guys of course (Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Clayface, Lex Luthor) and the evil twin.

Loeb's run on Superman/Batman was filled with high concepts, balanced against the symmetric parallel narration of its two stars, and was mostly readable because of this mix of whambang and introspection. But Supergirl: Power just didn't do it for me - the concepts weren't high, just cliched. Churchill's art is decent enough, but I can't help but think politically correct thoughts and judging Kara as way, way too thin (and, let's put it this way: I think Callista Flockhart is hot) and her costume, featuring bare mid-riff and a skirt little more than a g-string, the very definition of jailbait. And the visual contrast between fellow-Superman-cousin Power Girl and the titular Supergirl ("titular" "tit" "boob" get it? get it? <krustysigh/>) is so extreme as to be ludicrous. But then, most female comic book characters are super-naturally endowed, so I guess there's nothing new on that front ("front", get it? "front"? "front"? <krustysigh/>).

Maybe if I was still a teenager ... Helen Slater. *sigh*

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