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Torchwood 1.01 - "Everything Changes"

There are three common approaches to pilots or initial instalments of a franchise: picking up mid-stream (eg the original Star Trek), the origin story (eg Superman: The Movie) or the outsider who becomes the insider (eg the first X-Men movie). Torchwood adopts this third method which has the benefit of allowing for lots of exposition without being too contrived (even if we still have to suffer through it) while not having to spend too much time setting up the backstories of an ensemble cast, though these will no doubt be explored in future episodes.

"Everything Changes" was a decent - though not outstanding - episode which served its purpose: establish the major characters and tone of the show. Random comments:

  • Torchwood it appears will have a generally more adult feel compared to Doctor Who, and I'm not just talking about the swearing and gore. I trust there will be an absolute dearth of farting aliens in this series.
  • It's cool that while this adult oriented show is differentiated from its progenitor by the aforementioned language and blood, it's not because we see guy-on-guy kissing or bisexual characters, both of which have already been-there, done-that on the more kidly Doctor Who under Russell T Davies' tenure.
  • The reaction of Gwen (?) and the spearcarrier to the alien (Weevil?) was both nice and cliched. Of course we know it's an alien and undoubtedly dangerous, but it seems right somehow that an ordinary person would think it's a guy in a mask, even in a world invaded by aliens and Cybermen. That said, the fate of the spearcarrier was telegraphed so far in advance Edison would bow his head in shame.
  • It didn't make sense to me that a policewoman, after having witnessed such a bloody murder first-hand, would just walk away from the crime scene.
  • Tracking down Torchwood via pizza was cute, but the fact that they were onto her all along was better.
  • Hello? They told you they've got a computer hacker working for them. And you write down all your notes in Microsoft Word? Silly. But, then, you also thought the alien was a guy in a mask, so I shouldn't complain about consistent characterisation.
  • We find out more about Captain Jack. I'm not sure if the cause of his special abilities was the events we saw in past seasons of Doctor Who or if it's part of a backstory that we haven't yet seen. Would have to rewatch the relevant Doctor Who episodes.
  • Working for Torchwood can have its effect on you. The team obviously isn't all moral rectitude. Hopefully this is something that will be explored beyond the pilot.


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